Tuesday, 9 November 2010

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT, the DUKAN Diet Eating Plan

These days the diet name on everyone’s lips is Dukan (not Atkins anymore). Every now and again, a diet plan comes along that captures the imagination of people, mostly because it works, a secret  diet method  where an estimated  five million people have followed. It’s a protein only plan. DUKAN is the brainchild of Dr. Pierre Dukan, a nutritionist who first published the book in his France 10 years ago. DUKAN, the diet plan, is not difficult to follow. There is no food weighing or complicated recipes, and it works. Essentially a no-crab affair. It comprises of four different phases, giving you a clever and satisfying sense of completion as you work your way through them.

The first phase is the Attack Phase. The diet is based on the premise that proteins help you to lose weight in two ways- they make you feel fuller, more quickly and for longer and the take more energy to digest it. If you eat 100 calories of sugar, you will burn five digesting it, If you eat 100 calories of fat, you will use up nine, but if you eat calories of protein you will use up 30, says Dukan. So, prepare for a protein onslaught. For 5 to seven days, depending on how much weight you want to lose, you eat nothing but chicken, fish, shellfish, tofu, plus low-fat dairy products such as low-fat yogurt or milk and cottage cheese. Coffee and diet drinks are allowed but no juices and alcohol. It’s tough, but extremely effective.  Losing weight is a small war and you have to be a good soldier. The results are dazzling. People can lose up to 2 pounds (lbs.) a day doing this, which means their motivation, gets bigger and bigger.

The second phase is the Cruise Phase.  This is when you introduce vegetables and salad every other day to your protein-only diet. Here you can expect to lose about 2 lbs. a week and you need to stick to it until you reach your target weight. Then come the stabilisation phase that is designed to keep your new weight where it is, rather than rocketing back up to the pre-attack phase levels at the sight of your first bacon sandwich. By the way, no bacon, prosciutto or anything tasty are allowed in the diet plan.

The third Phase, The Consolidation Phase. It is the transition from your old diet days to no-diet days.’ Dukan says, with five days spent on it for each pound you lose, you can add two pieces of fruit a day, two slices of granary bread, and 40  grams of any cheese you want everyday into your diet. And you can add two portions of starch, pasta or rice and two celebration meals, where you can have pudding (desserts) wine, anything you like, twice a week.’ Once you’ve finished that, you enter the ...

Forever Phase. Its three rules are ‘not painful, but they are non-negotiable’:
- Protein only on Thursdays every week for the rest of your life;
- 20 minutes’ walking daily and no escalators/elevators; and
- 3 tablespoon of oat bran a day (apparently, it stops your intestines from ingesting so many calorie)  And  that’s it, you’re thin for life.
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