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Why Build Just A Web Site Or Blog? Build A Web eBusiness...

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 You probably say ‘I heard that many times before’, but I can tell you can really WIN more money.
Here’s what you need...

-          A copy of the RACING POST, a daily newspaper dedicated to British Horse Racing.
-          A betting bank dedicated for your betting activities. Set aside an amount you can afford to lose. And follow this betting plan. Your stake (bet) is only 5% of your betting bank each time. That is, for example, your betting bank is £200, your bet should be £10 (£200 x 5%). If your betting bank becomes bigger, of course, your next bet becomes higher, as well. If it becomes less, of course, your bet becomes less because the basis of 5% bet each time is the balance of your betting bank.
By the way, bet EACH WAY (E/W) only. NO bet TO WIN. An E/W bet is two BETS, one TO WIN, and another to place, either second or third depending as to the number of runner. If it wins that’s a BONUS. Oh, the number of runners has to be at least 8. Bookmakers pays place bet up to third if there are 8 runners, only first/win and second if there are 5 to 7 runners.
-          Patience – you’ll need patience as you’ll see why because of the DON’Ts of the system.

Here are the DON’Ts or shall I say NO BETS on the following...
-          3YO races , (that is 3 year old races)
-          2YO races   (two year old)
-          Races with Amateur riders
-          Races with Lady riders
-          DERBY races and all big Prize money races like Grand National, Glorious Goodwood, Ascot Festival, Cheltenham Festival, etc.
-          Races on All Weather Track (A/W)
-          5F races (that is, 5 furlong races, the distance, there are 8 furlong in a mile)
-          6F races
-          7F races
-          Selling races (you can see this info at the Title of the Race of that particular race)
-          Races with 3 miles or more in distance
-          Races with too many runners, minimum 15 runners
-          Races with NRs (non-runners). You can see this in the Bookmakers SCREEN.
-          NO BETS on a Sunday
Right away, CROSS OUT all the above, if you got you own copy of the RACING POST. You don’t need to check or even look at the line up on these races.
Note: You can see all these information in the CARDS, that’s the list/names of the horses running in that particular race.

Get hold of your copy of the RACING POST (or the Bookmakers’ copy on the shop), Compare the Bookmaker’s FIRST SHOW of odds (they call it prices) on their screen with that of the RACING POST Betting Forecast located below the names of the horses running in that particular races.
What we are looking for here is the BIG DROP in prices/odds in the Bookmakers Screen prices as compared to that of the Betting Forecast at the bottom of the CARDS. This is OUR SELECTION. 

To illustrate this, say ...
                Betting Forecast:          Earth Summit (the horse name)     33/1
                Bookmaker’s Screen:  Earth Summit   14/1
                A BIG DROP of 19 points (This  is the Horse to BET on. Take the PRICE. Tell the staff at the Bookmaker’s shop that you take the price. There is a possibility that it DROP further. If you find more than one of those with BIG DROP in price, DON’T GET involved, just watch. You don’t know which one will win.

Notes: The DROP in price has to be BIG, at least 3 points or bigger. Remember, bet 5% of your      betting bank each time and always Each Way (E/W). In our example, that’s £5.00 E/W

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8 Ways to Cut Car Insurance Costs

Car insurance is compulsory, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some easy steps you can take to drive down the cost of cover.

1. Shop around online
Don’t just renew your car insurance with your existing insurer, you must do your research, as there's no reward for loyalty when it comes to car insurance. Shopping around online to compare prices from range car insurance providers is a good way to try and find a lower quote. Moving to a new provider is straightforward, stress-free and can save you a considerable sum. is a very good comparison site, as the name suggest.
2. Higher excess
A simple way to knock pounds off your premium is by opting for a higher voluntary excess. However, do be aware that you will have to cough up more of your cash in the event of a claim. Again, go compare with
3. Keep it safe
Insurance providers look at the risk every driver presents, so you could get a better deal if you can reduce that risk. Improve your car security by installing an alarm and immobiliser, and keep premiums down by parking your car in safe area - preferably in a garage, a driveway or in a secure parking zone.
4. Reduce mileage
There are savings to be made by opting to only drive at certain times of the day (e.g. not during peak traffic), and by reducing the mileage you do each year.
5. Think small
As bigger and faster vehicles will cost you more to insure, why not go for a smaller car. Avoid models with sporty letters after it – such as i, sxi or gti – as they usually signify a more powerful (i.e. a more expensive to insure) version of a standard model. And don't be tempted to modify your car with, for example, side skirts or tinted windows, as modifications will often bump up your premium.
6. Change the way you pay
If you pay for your motor cover in monthly instalments, then you could be paying through the nose for spreading the payments across the year. Pay your premium in one upfront lump sum instead, and you could see your costs slashed. Make sure you do your sums though... If you’re considering paying on your plastic, it’s worth considering the APR of instalments versus the APR of your card.
7. Pass Plus 
If you're a new driver than you're going to be worst hit by rising prices, so invest some time and money in taking the Pass Plus course designed to give young drivers additional practical driving experience. This demonstrates to insurers that you are a safer driver and, once completed, could reduce your premiums by around a third.
8. Be Honest
Don’t try to get away with not telling the whole truth in a bid to reduce costs. If you mislead your insurance provider, you may be committing insurance fraud. This could invalidate your cover, and if you caused an accident, you would be responsible for all the costs yourself. Insurance fraud also means you will have a lot of difficulty finding car insurance in the future. 

For car insurance online, check this out.
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Online car insurance information
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Being robbed is a nightmare but it’s even more devastating if you let the offender into your home. As winter sets in, the risk of burglary increases.
Winter means cold weather and darker nights but it also brings a greater risk of crime.
Burglars are more likely to target your home and personal belongings when the nights draw in.
Many criminals attempt to gain entry by posing as genuine workmen. Last year, advice service Consumer Direct received more than 5,300 complaints about suspicious “traders” offering home maintenance work on the doorstep.

Beware of bogus callers
Police forces around the UK have been issuing warnings against bogus callers after a spate of thefts in recent weeks.
In particular, Wiltshire police reported several incidents when homes were targeted by a distraction burglary – where the homeowner is distracted under a false pretence, someone posing as a gas man for example, while  an accomplice rifles though their possessions in search of cash or valuables.
So, be wary of rogue doorstep traders, especially those offering winter home improvements.

How it affects home insurance
Despite this alarmingly high figure and the fact that the average victim of a distraction burglary has £1,230 worth of belongings stolen, the research also showed that this type of crime went largely unreported.
Quite often a homeowner might not realise something is missing until sometime after the incident and in other cases they fail to report it all together.
But an insurance policy might not pay out if the crime has not been reported to the police, because most insurance policies state that there’s a window of between 24 and 48 hours to report a theft in order to make a claim.
More importantly, your contents insurance may be invalid if you’re victim of this type of crime because some polices only pay out if there is evidence of forced entry. Inviting the offender in for a cup of tea might not cut it with your insurer.
“A policy wording might say that the home insurer will exclude theft by deception, unless deception is used only to get into the home.
“They may also exclude a claim for theft of personal money, unless someone has broken into or out of the home by using force and violence.
“So this means that in some circumstances a theft by deception is covered but every policy is different.”

What can you do to protect yourself?
Firstly, always lock up and remember to make an extra effort to make your home look occupied if you’re out on bonfire night, Halloween or away for Christmas – prime times for thieves to strike.
When it comes to bogus callers the Office Fair Trading offers the following advice:
  • If a trader knocks at your door do not agree to on-the-spot house repairs, or sign anything      there and then.
  • Be wary of special offers or warnings that your house is unsafe.
  • Do not make snap decisions. Take time to talk to someone you trust before you agree to anything.
  • If in doubt, call Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 or   HOME INSURANCE
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There are a number of ways.
·         Your car
The value, type and engine power of your car all make a difference, the smaller the car, generally, the lower the price.
·         Security
Fit an alarm, immobiliser or tracker system.
·         Annual mileage
Be as accurate as you can with how many miles you would do in an average year.
·         Where the car is parked
If you have a garage its best to use it, it could lower your premium.
·         Additional drivers
Only add drivers to your policy that regularly use the car. 'Any driver' policies and policies with more than two named drivers can be expensive and you may not need to have such an open policy. You can often add drivers temporarily to your policy for a small charge.
·         Upping your voluntary excess
An excess is the first part of a claim that you pay although you can get it back if the claim is deemed 'not-fault' (that's what Legal Expenses cover is mostly used for and remember your insurance company determines who is at fault - see our FAQ on Fault/non-fault claims). If you increase your voluntary excess then your premium should get lower.
·         Maintain NO CLAIM Bonus. If possible avoid making claims for minor damage such as dents and scrapes.
·         If you can afford raise the excess mandatory. By doing so your premiums should tumble.
·         Loyalty schemes offer a further way to cut costs. By taking out car insurance with your home insurer you could receive a further discount. Just ask for it.
·         Annual premiums are cheaper than monthly ones.
·         Take a further driver Training Course. The PASS PLUS course involves taking six further lessons in the first year after passing your test. Young drivers can qualify for a cheaper insurance by producing a PASS PLUS Certificate.
Shop around. Visit the following comparison sites for best quotations.

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I’d like to share a money saving technique which I reckon will save a lot of us literally thousands of pounds over the years on a variety of pre-owned products, like cars, appliances, furnitures, jewellery to name but a few.

What you’ll need is PATIENCE. You will see why in a moment

This hit me when a friend tries to sell a car through a local newspaper. When it was advertise, he’s really confident and ‘bullish’ about the price, saying he is not going to accept any penny less.  But as time went on and no potential buyer came forward, his resolve disappeared and reduces this target by £1000. A month later, he sold it way way below the price he really wanted.

That got me thinking. If he felt that way, so must everyone else with something to sell. Confident at first, but becoming increasingly ‘flexible’. Can you see the technique here?

So, here’s  you going to do. When you see something you’re interested in, advertised by a private seller, make a note of the date; sit on it for three weeks or a month. I’ve found that very few things sell quickly, so chances are, still available after a month. I find that the longer the thing has been for sale, the bigger discount you can get.

You can use this technique with trade retailers of second goods, like car dealers, antique dealers, and jewellers. Make it a business to find out how long they have had the item in their stock. This will give you a good indication of how low the price might go. You can find this information observing the retailers over a period of time, asking to see the original price, or simply asking. Most retailers will give you the information, it only because they’d look pretty evasive it they didn’t.

Learn HOW TO BLUFF in negotiations to save money

Learning how to gain strategic advantage during a negotiation is often decisive to the outcome. By perfecting your ability to convey confidence or dismay for example, you’ll be better place to dictate the terms.

You can create this favourable impression using three techniques.
                The classic ‘Poker Face’ is effective as you’ll disguise your emotions by showing no visible concern or surprise.                           
                You can manipulate a negotiation by feigning outrage or scorn. This is the opposite of ‘Poker Face’ and requires some believable facial contortions.
                The third route to victory lies in the bluff. Use the previous technique to suggest you have an advantage over your opponent. You should maintain eye contact throughout the discourse to imply confidence and sincerity.
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How to Save Time and Money with Swinton Motor Insurance

Car Insurance from Swinton
Saving time and money with Swinton couldn’t be easier!
Looking for cheap car insurance that provides quality cover can be time consuming. So why not let Swinton , do the hard work for you?
They’ll not only save you time by searching 1000’s of rock bottom prices from the UK’s top insurers. They'll also save you money by offering you a massive discount of up to 25%.
Swinton offers its car insurance customers…
·         Great service which helped us win the ‘Insurance Broker of the Year 2008’ award
·         Up to 25% online discount
·         £1000’s of rock bottom prices from the UK’s top insurers
·         Full online, easy to use quote and buy functionality
·         Courtesy car with comprehensive cover (*subject to availability)
·         Up to 65% no claims discount
·         Flexible payment options
·         UK based call centres and local branches
·         Range of quality optional extras: 3 levels of Drivers’ Legal Protection & 5 levels of Breakdown Cover
Other great insurance deals from Swinton:-
£30 Cash Back with Swinton Home Insurance**
£30 Cash Back with Swinton Bike**
(** Subject to Cash Back terms and conditions)


WE normally receive a renewal notice from our existing insurer when our CAR INSURANCE is about to due for renewal.

When we do received it, HERE you should do to get the BEST DEAL.
    - Take note of the quoted price for fully comprehensive cover
    - Shop around for a better offer. Visit some comparison sites like or make some calls to other brokers. Another good site, and have some great offers.

    - Phone back your existing insurer and tell them what you've been offered, the price, the company offering it.

Chances are, that they not only would they match the price, they might reduce it further. I know most people get other quotes when their insurance renewal come through, and most don't consider coming back to their existing insurer when they've got the best quote from somewhere.

Do consider getting back to them. Chances are you got even more better offer.

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6 things your bank won't tell you

When it comes to playing banks at their own game, you need to have your ears pricked and your eyes peeled. Financial providers are there to make a profit,  You can’t expect them to act be there just to serve you.

When it comes to transparency and ethics, some banks certainly don’t shower themselves in glory.  Highlighted here are the six sneaky tricks that banks try to get away with - so they don’t slip by you unnoticed.
1. Plummeting savings rates
A recent investigation by The Daily Mail found that some of the biggest banking names on the high street routinely fail to tell savers when their rates are being dropped.
Many of the top-paying savings accounts has bonus rates which end after 12 months, leaving the customer with a measly rate of interest. Currently, your bank isn’t obliged to keep you informed as and when this happens. After all, we should all have read the terms and conditions when we signed up.
But wouldn’t it be nice if you got a letter or email telling you exactly where you stand?
2. Negative payment hierarchy
Most credit cards operate a negative order of payment. Essentially, that means the cheapest debt on the card (that charging the lowest rate of interest) is cleared first - and the most expensive debt is cleared last. Of course, this works in the provider’s favour, and boosts its profits nicely.
Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to find out whether a credit card operates in this way before you apply: The order of payment is usually buried deep in the terms and conditions, between pages and pages of small print. So, skim-reading financial terms and conditions just isn’t good enough, and could land you with some very nasty surprises.
There are a few credit cards that operate a positive order of payment (clearing your most expensive debts first). Saga, Nationwide and Co-op credit cards all work like this, so it’s worth tracking them down and seeing whether they meet your needs.
3. Available credit
 You’re at a certain disadvantage when making a credit card application - because providers keep crucial information to themselves until the very last stage of the process.

Notably, you’re usually not told what your credit limit will be until your application is complete, accepted and processed. For example, if you need a limit of £2,000, but you’re only offered £1,000, you may regret making the application in the first place. However, it will be too late to back out, in the sense that the application will already be on your credit record.

Surely there’s a way providers could provide this information at an earlier stage in the process, to avoid people taking out cards that don’t meet their needs?
4. Hidden arrangement fees
 My bank tried to hit me with this sneaky rip-off last year. I’d had a £1700 overdraft limit for the last year. Then one day, I got a letter from my bank, saying it was delighted to be able to arrange a £1700 overdraft limit for the next 12 months (in other words, not ‘arranging’ anything new at all!). Further on - right at the end of the fourth page to be precise - I found a single sentence saying they’d be charging me a £25 fee for this ‘privilege’.
When I visited my local branch and challenged them, the charge was dropped ‘as a gesture of goodwill’. It’s another example of banks trying to slip fees in under the radar… and another reason to read all the way to the end of the paperwork!
5. Interest on monthly instalments 
If you buy home insurance from your bank, you’ll probably be asked whether you’d like to pay all at once, or in monthly instalments. Monthly payments sounds great in theory, because it means you don’t have to find a large chunk of cash all at once. However, steer clear if at all possible: Pay like this and you’ll usually be charged a hefty rate of interest for the privilege.

Even worse, providers don’t always make this clear. When the monthly payment option was offered to me over the phone, the payment of interest wasn’t even mentioned. I was only told about the hefty rate when I queried it directly. 

If you do need to pay monthly, you’re better off using a 0% on purchases card to pay upfront, then  spreading your payment on the card, interest-free.
6. When you’ve made a mistake 
Everyone makes mistakes and a financial mistake can be disastrous because banks don’t tell you that you’re sinking further into financial chaos. If you exceed your overdraft limit for example, you could face a hefty fine and an extortionate rate of interest. And of course, it is not in the interest of the bank to tell you, because every day that passes by, they’re benefiting from your error. This is one good reason why you should always check your balance and transactions on a regular basis.

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