Saturday, 9 October 2010

How to get that JOB

All the hard work of filling in Job Applications Forms or Writing CVs is likely to be wasted if the Covering Letter is not RIGHT.

Follow the following guide to the letter and that JOB could be yours. Follow the 10-point guide to making sure it does not undo all your good work.

1. Be Brief. The covering Letter should be a snapshot of your CV. It should have two concise paragraphs outlining the skills and experience that you reckon make you perfect for the position in question.

2.Address the letter to a particular person. If you do not know who to send your application to, phone the company and find out before starting it. This is vital with big companies that may have many recruitment officers dealing with different vacancies.

3.Do not handwritten letter unless an advert specified this. Recruiters are busy people and reading slows them down. It may also make them cross with you, which is not recommended.

4.If sending a similar letter to many companies, change details each time. An application that is obviously standardised will go straight into the waste bin.

5. Do not get someone else to write the letter for you. The style will not be yours and if you then get and interview that involves more writing, it will be difficult to back it up. But once a letter is written, it is a good idea to get someone else to look over it.

6. Do not use long words in the belief that it will make you sound intelligent. Professional writers use words of more that  two syllable only when absolutely necessary.

7. If you are not replying to a specific advert but are asking a company it it has any vacancies,say what skills you have, the kind of job you want and what you could bring to the business. If you do not, you run the risk of looking lazy.

8. Pick up on specific parts of an advert that appeal and demonstrate why you think you are suitable.

9. Do not complain that your present job is badly paid or that you do not get on with the boss. This is off-putting and will virtually guarantee a rejection. Instead, be positively enthusiastic. Make a potential employer think that this is the job for which you have been waiting all your life.

10. If still in doubt, remember that recruitment consultants can help with all aspects of an application. In fact, they will probably shepherd you through the whole thing.
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