Sunday, 17 October 2010


If you have a motor vehicle, insurance is a necessity. Here are ten TIPS to cut the cost of your car insurance.
1.       Stop Around
Many people just renew their insurance with the same company for convenience. However, by spending time shopping around you can be offered a range of quotes some of which could save you hundreds of pounds. In as much that you’re reading this blog means you got internet access. So why not try The site compares the insurance markets in an instant.
Other sites to check out:;

2.       Restrict the number of drivers
The less people who drive your car, the cheaper your insurance should be. Don’t insure it for ‘any driver’ if only you will drive it. If you insure your teenage children to drive your car, it will bump up your policy, just like stating ‘any driver’ can drive the car. If more than one driver does drive the car, the person named as the main driver may influence the cost of the insurance. Example, if husband and wife drive the same car, having the wife as the main driver may cut the cost slightly. The main driver shouldn’t in high risk job.
3.       No claims
The more years of no claims, you have the cheaper insurance should be, so consider wisely before you make a claim. If you have reversed into your fence, it may be better getting your car fixed at your local garage than claiming off your insurance, since no one else is involved.
4.       Make Your Car More Secure
Make your car more resistant to thieves. Get your car fitted with alarm and immobiliser and some insurance companies will offer you a 10% to 20% discount. If you keep the car in the garage at night, tell the insurer, this could give you an extra 10% off your premium.
5.       Lower Mileage
If you don’t travel much a year, you could get a discount, because the less you use the car the less you are likely to have an accident, so less risky you are to insure.
6.       Extra Voluntary Excess
Many policies require you to pay excess to make a claim, but if you opt to pay more you could get a discount.
7.       Get correct Policy
Make sure the policy the company is offering is suitable for you. Some companies automatically add money on for cover overseas. Check this out. If you need it, fine, otherwise, ask to be taken out.
8.       Check out Owner’s Club
Sporty or classic car owners’ club usually offers insurance cover cheaper as compare to the big names. Check it out.
9.       Get A Different Car
If the insurance is ridiculously high, then may be the kind of car is the problem. Maybe change to smaller car, a British made which is usually easier to repair.

10.   Third Party Policy
If every company is quoting high, there is the option of taking out Third party fire and theft cover. These are cheaper, but they don’t offer same standard of protection. Consider this option very carefully. It may not work out to be beneficial as fully comprehensive cover, if you did have an accident.

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