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There are a number of ways.
·         Your car
The value, type and engine power of your car all make a difference, the smaller the car, generally, the lower the price.
·         Security
Fit an alarm, immobiliser or tracker system.
·         Annual mileage
Be as accurate as you can with how many miles you would do in an average year.
·         Where the car is parked
If you have a garage its best to use it, it could lower your premium.
·         Additional drivers
Only add drivers to your policy that regularly use the car. 'Any driver' policies and policies with more than two named drivers can be expensive and you may not need to have such an open policy. You can often add drivers temporarily to your policy for a small charge.
·         Upping your voluntary excess
An excess is the first part of a claim that you pay although you can get it back if the claim is deemed 'not-fault' (that's what Legal Expenses cover is mostly used for and remember your insurance company determines who is at fault - see our FAQ on Fault/non-fault claims). If you increase your voluntary excess then your premium should get lower.
·         Maintain NO CLAIM Bonus. If possible avoid making claims for minor damage such as dents and scrapes.
·         If you can afford raise the excess mandatory. By doing so your premiums should tumble.
·         Loyalty schemes offer a further way to cut costs. By taking out car insurance with your home insurer you could receive a further discount. Just ask for it.
·         Annual premiums are cheaper than monthly ones.
·         Take a further driver Training Course. The PASS PLUS course involves taking six further lessons in the first year after passing your test. Young drivers can qualify for a cheaper insurance by producing a PASS PLUS Certificate.
Shop around. Visit the following comparison sites for best quotations.

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