Monday, 25 October 2010


 You probably say ‘I heard that many times before’, but I can tell you can really WIN more money.
Here’s what you need...

-          A copy of the RACING POST, a daily newspaper dedicated to British Horse Racing.
-          A betting bank dedicated for your betting activities. Set aside an amount you can afford to lose. And follow this betting plan. Your stake (bet) is only 5% of your betting bank each time. That is, for example, your betting bank is £200, your bet should be £10 (£200 x 5%). If your betting bank becomes bigger, of course, your next bet becomes higher, as well. If it becomes less, of course, your bet becomes less because the basis of 5% bet each time is the balance of your betting bank.
By the way, bet EACH WAY (E/W) only. NO bet TO WIN. An E/W bet is two BETS, one TO WIN, and another to place, either second or third depending as to the number of runner. If it wins that’s a BONUS. Oh, the number of runners has to be at least 8. Bookmakers pays place bet up to third if there are 8 runners, only first/win and second if there are 5 to 7 runners.
-          Patience – you’ll need patience as you’ll see why because of the DON’Ts of the system.

Here are the DON’Ts or shall I say NO BETS on the following...
-          3YO races , (that is 3 year old races)
-          2YO races   (two year old)
-          Races with Amateur riders
-          Races with Lady riders
-          DERBY races and all big Prize money races like Grand National, Glorious Goodwood, Ascot Festival, Cheltenham Festival, etc.
-          Races on All Weather Track (A/W)
-          5F races (that is, 5 furlong races, the distance, there are 8 furlong in a mile)
-          6F races
-          7F races
-          Selling races (you can see this info at the Title of the Race of that particular race)
-          Races with 3 miles or more in distance
-          Races with too many runners, minimum 15 runners
-          Races with NRs (non-runners). You can see this in the Bookmakers SCREEN.
-          NO BETS on a Sunday
Right away, CROSS OUT all the above, if you got you own copy of the RACING POST. You don’t need to check or even look at the line up on these races.
Note: You can see all these information in the CARDS, that’s the list/names of the horses running in that particular race.

Get hold of your copy of the RACING POST (or the Bookmakers’ copy on the shop), Compare the Bookmaker’s FIRST SHOW of odds (they call it prices) on their screen with that of the RACING POST Betting Forecast located below the names of the horses running in that particular races.
What we are looking for here is the BIG DROP in prices/odds in the Bookmakers Screen prices as compared to that of the Betting Forecast at the bottom of the CARDS. This is OUR SELECTION. 

To illustrate this, say ...
                Betting Forecast:          Earth Summit (the horse name)     33/1
                Bookmaker’s Screen:  Earth Summit   14/1
                A BIG DROP of 19 points (This  is the Horse to BET on. Take the PRICE. Tell the staff at the Bookmaker’s shop that you take the price. There is a possibility that it DROP further. If you find more than one of those with BIG DROP in price, DON’T GET involved, just watch. You don’t know which one will win.

Notes: The DROP in price has to be BIG, at least 3 points or bigger. Remember, bet 5% of your      betting bank each time and always Each Way (E/W). In our example, that’s £5.00 E/W

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