Monday, 6 December 2010

Have You Ever Failed In Business?

I have. Many of my business ventures never made money. Am I a failure? Sure, It's a numbers game. On average, about 1 out of every 4 of my business ventures makes any significant money. But when it does, it's an automated income stream.

When a project turns out to be a loser, dump it and move on to another one, don't take it personally... it's all a part of the game. Keep developing different project ideas until finally you come across yet another winner.

Repeat it like a mantra: business is a numbers game. Eventually you'll hit a winner. And as you get more experienced, your ratio of winner to loser projects will improve as well.

Everybody is different, and there is nothing out there that works for everyone. "One size fits all" can surely fit, but what kind of fit will you get with it?

No business has any guarantees - entrepreneurs take risks. Sometimes they reap the rewards, other times they fail. That's the REALITY of being in business for yourself.

If you gave up after your first business failure, here’s a Proven And Tested System That Makes Money The First Week – How about a JOB? (Just Over Broke)

Those who want guarantees should take a job. As long as you keep the job, you'll get a guaranteed paycheck. "It works for anyone, pulls income within the first week, and yes, it's proven and tested". But do you want to do that? That's bad karma, you know.

To Your Success, let’s have a drink.
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