Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Roulette Killer – Product Review

I usually play roulette in dollars, not in Euros, so I don’t always catch the latest new software coming out of the Continent. Just by chance, I stumbled upon Andy Veerhoven’s  The Roulette Killer program when it was just a couple of months new, and I must admit, I’m quite impressed. So here is my The Roulette Killer Review.

For me to recommend an online roulette system, it has to fulfil three basic criteria: be easy to use, mathematically robust, and a consistent winner. Here’s how Roulette Revew stacks up.

First, the Killer has to have one of the simplest, most attractive layouts I have seen on a roulette engine. It is so graphically intuitive; you won’t need a tutorial to get you started.
The input window looks just like the table you play on. You click the numbers that come up, and they display, large enough to read, in a row below the field. It reminded me of how European road signs are so much easier to understand than American ones, using pictures instead of words.

When you click on the “calculate” button, the app displays big red chips, right on the layout and exactly where you need to position your next bets. All you have to do is copy what you see in your online gaming window. There is no trying to figure out what goes where—a real no-brainer.

Second, I found out in my Roulette Review Review, that the underlying algorithm is based upon the law of averages. The program takes one hundred significant factors into account for each spin recommendation. That’s not shabby.

Roukette Review also claims to take advantage of a weakness built into MD5 randomizers used to generate online roulette spins. If so, that’s a real breakthrough, creating a window of opportunity that will remain open at least until casino programmers find a way to board it shut.

The acid test, of course, is how well Killer wins. Well here’s a surprise: the program completely ignores the higher-risk inside bets, and recommends only bets on the outside! In my book The Rouletter Killer is a big winner.

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