Thursday, 2 December 2010

Making Money with YouTube – How to Do It

Many people believe that making money with YouTube can only be done if you’re a partner. However, this is not the only way.
What you’ll need
-       A  YouTube Account
-       An internet access
-       A video camera or a webcam
-       A blogger account, and
-       Subscribers to your accounts
 This is How to Do IT.
 Start out by creating your YouTube account if you don’t already have one. People who have the most subscribed lists are able to make a lot of money. They are promoted by YouTube and can capitalize on their videos. You do not have to be one of these people in order to enjoy making money with YouTube.

Look at the videos that have been posted lately by the most famous people on YouTube, and respond accordingly within the comments for that video. This may get you to be a favourite of the person who posted the video.

After finding these videos, make a video about these videos, since people will search for videos related to these. This will get you a good base of views. Once you have this, you can start working on a blog. People subscribed to your YouTube account will notice that you have a blog and likely want to support you.

In order to start making money with YouTube, can start a free blog or post a blog on your own personal website.
...Add Google Ad-Sense so that you will have ads for your blog. This will be your income, and you get paid per click
After setting up your ads, sure to post in your blog and update often.
...Make a video response to another popular video,
...and add the link to your blog this time.
...Talk about the video, but don’t give the viewers all of the information about them.
... Have them click the link if they want to learn more about it.

To keep making money with YouTube,
...continue to promote your personal blog in your videos. The more people that visit your blog, the more likely they      are to click on your ads, which will add to your revenue.
...Be sure to keep your content interesting, and
...updated frequently so that people will come back to see your new updates.

This will also give you credibility among your viewers and readers. It’s possible that you may start seeing revenue as soon as the first day you put your blog up and recommend that people come to see it.

How fast you start making money with YouTube may depend on how fast the list of your subscribers begins to grow. You can earn up to thousands of dollars every month. In addition to this, you can apply for partnership with YouTube.

To do this, must have at least 500 subscribers.
...Ad-Sense should also be put up next to your videos.

If you are denied partnership, you will still be making money with YouTube, so you will not be at a loss. You can also reapply for partnership at a later date.

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