Thursday, 2 December 2010

How to avoid online fraud

As Britons shop online in record numbers, we explain how to protect your money from internet fraud.

Here are the top tips to protect yourself from fraud

- Install security software on your computer. Many banks offer a free package to customers.
- Never open or respond to suspicious-looking emails. Your bank will never email you asking to send personal details
- Many phishing attacks claim your account security has been breached. A bank would never send such an email.
- Forward phishing attacks to your bank to investigate
- Never write down your pin. Memorise it.
- Regularly change passwords on your accounts and avoid using the same one for all your online accounts.
- Shred all unwanted bank and credit card statements.
- Avoid exposing middle names or dates of birth on social networking sites as these are often used as passwords
- Be alert for phone scams – fraudsters still cold-call victims to get personal details

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