Thursday, 2 December 2010

The stop speeding ticket system – Product Review

The Stop SpeedTicket System was written by a person who seems to pick up speeding tickets for a living, either he's just unlucky or drives with undue care and attention! 

The author begins by arguing that all authority's in the USA are corrupt and abuse the power they have to extract millions of pounds from ordinary law abiding citizens. 

He goes on to say the government is geared to fleece the average driver because he /she don’t know that if they challenged the charges against them, using his  stop speeding system. they would have a strong chance of getting the case dismissed. 

He states that most people do exceed the speed limit by an average of 7 to 10 mph and does admit that people who drive faster than this do deserve a ticket unless they have a provable reason why they need to exceed the posted limit, by over 10 mph. 

He does acknowledge however that if you do decide to pay for a lawyer and you have only exceeded the limit by up to 10 mph then you will have a strong chance of getting the case dismissed.

The downside to this is that you will probably have to pay the lawyer the same amount as the fine but at least you will have a clean licence or a less dirty one, plus no increase in your insurance premiums.

Without giving to much away the case he gives against the prosecution centres around the checking and maintenance of speed guns and police speedometers, and trying to discredit the devices used and also the arresting officer. 

I live in the UK and to be honest I am not sure if his system would work in the UK as he cites cases in the USA. 

The Stop Speed Ticket System centres around the middle ground of drivers that do exceed the limit by up to 10 mph, and who should fight their corner when getting a fine. Instead of rolling over and letting the authority's get away with what I consider is an abusive use of the law. 

Don't forget you not only get a fine, but also get points and a higher car insurance premium. Plus you may even lose your licence for 12 months.

If you live outside the USA then I suggest you do some research of your own for the legal requirements of the checking of speed guns and police speedometers in your country.

I've probably gave the game away here, but I get sick and tired of the way Joe public gets kicked around, just so the fat cats can live off the backs of the ordinary guy in the street - don't get me started on bankers!

Click here to check it out.
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