Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How to Stop Sweating Too Much

If you are like me, sweating too much is an all too common scenario. I used to hate the way it would feel when sweat would drip down my sides during the day. If you are wondering how to stop sweat build-ups, I got some great news for you! Sweating problems are a very common problem that 3% of the population experiences. Because of that, there have been plenty of cures and methods to stop sweating all the time.
Natural ways to stop sweat
  • Work out a crap load!  Typically, the more in shape you are, the less you will sweat. Even notice how the fat guy breaks a sweat walking down the street, meanwhile a jogger running by him doesn't have a drop on him?
  • Avoid complicated carbohydrates - Your body has to work really hard to break these down. Stick to things like cereal and breads.
  • Calcium is important! Make sure you consume enough daily calcium. Calcium really helps you reduce the amount you sweat.
  • Magnesium is awesome! Magnesium helps detoxify the body. Without it, your body will resort to sweating in order to get all the impurities out of your blood.
  • Undershirts make matters worse - A lot of people like to throw on an extra undershirt or two thinking it will soak up some sweat. While it definitely soaks up plenty of sweat, they will also increase your overall body temperature, hence increasing the amount you sweat. Now you just got 2 sweaty shirts on that your over shirt can soak up sweat from.
If you would like some more tips that will keep you from sweating too much, Stop Sweat Today covers some of the top ways you can significantly reduce your sweating and to live your life without having to worry about your sweat stains!

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