Friday, 26 November 2010

BlackBerry 8520 Sim-Free Mobile Phone - Black - Product Review

I was a bit apprehensive about replacing my antiquated and very old straightforward phone with a Blackberry that seems to do everything but as I had a good contract deal I thought it was worth a go. I have spent several days working out how it works and reading up on it which I think is well worth doing if you want to take advantage of all the features this phone has to offer. Having done the homework I can honestly say that I find it very straightforward to use (although initially I couldn't make head or tail of it). I have set up e mail and Wi Fi with no problem at all (the phone gave the necessary prompts and it worked first time). Setting up instant messenger was a little harder as I tried to do it by connecting and downloading the instant messenger software via the PC without realising I needed to install the software and drivers for the blackberry on the PC first. Having done that I still couldn't install Windows live (because both computers in my house "said no" but I managed to install the windows live software with no problem at all by following the prompts on the phone and downloading via the browser on the blackberry........instant messenger on Windows live is working a treat on the Blackberry now. The internet connection is very good using the Wi Fi connection at home and the GPRS outside is slower but adequate. I find it a little difficult to read the web pages though as the screen is small and although you can zoom in it isn't as good as using a PC.....but OK if you have no other option. The biggest disappointment with this phone is the quality of the camera. It takes adequate pictures in daylight but as it doesn't have a flash it isn't very good at taking pictures or videos indoors without adequate light and when the photos are transferred to the PC the poor quality it highlighted especially compared to the photos my digicamera takes, with hindsight I would have considered a phone with a better camera however as I wanted a phone that had E mail and internet features together with a querky keyboard this phone fits the bill perfectly. The keyboard although small isn't a problem (once you have worked out how to use the shortcuts) and I can type away pretty quickly on it now. The four star rating reflects the poor quality of the camera (don't buy this phone if a good camera is essential) other than that I can totally recommend it for all its other features.Cclick here to check it out.

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