Monday, 8 November 2010

Why Build Just A Web Site Or Blog? Build A Web Business

Blogs are like piles of magazine clippings that get old as soon as you stop blogging. Sites and blogs cannot come close to the full income potential of properly constructed e-businesses. An e-business does more than chase a few dollars with "quick and easy" sites. So why choose to build a site or blog?
Inspite of this harsh reality, I still want to share to the world what I'm discovering in my search for information on HOW TO SAVE MONEY and of course, HOW TO MAKE MONEY. Talking about Making Money, check Site Built It ( and let me hear from you.
Neither of the two is critical to having a real e-business with meaningful, long-term income.
Site/blog-building is only 1 out of the 10 key steps for building any e-business.
Site Built It ( can build a properly constructed e-business for you.
Site Build It! ("SBI!") is all about you starting and building your own business online.
It is the only all-in-1 step-by-step system of process-and-software that delivers thriving businesses. 
The "latest and greatest" site-building or blogging products are unimportant details compared to SBI!'s business-building combination of process, tools, updating and guidance. 
Everything is included...Site-building and hosting, of course. You can use any HTML editor with SBI!. Or use SBI!'s "BlockBuilder." Either way, a module called "Analyze It!" trains you (painlessly) to write "Search-Engine-optimized" pages as you go.
SBI! is all about e-business building, not merely site-or-blog building.
Without its process and tools and guidance, you end up with "just another site or blog" that will never be an e-business with serious revenue potential.

The Bottom Line?

SBI! works. Real people build real business. Lives change.
How can you be sure it's right for you?
As good as it is, SBI! is not for everyone. No product can be, of course.
The real question is, "Is it right for you?"
There is only one way to be sure. At absolutely no risk, give SBI! a good try. Commit to it...
  • Follow the Action Guide for one month.
  • Use the tools. Really do it (the folks who do not succeed at SBI! are those
  • Need a helping hand? SiteSell Support is available 24x7.
    And go to the SBI! Forums. Incredible people "happen" there every day.
Just do it... Site Built It will built it. Visit

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