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What is web hosting?

Web Hosting is a service provided by hundreds of companies worldwide in order to “host” and provide websites for anyone on the internet to see. Web Hosting often involves a number of very large computers, called servers, in a secure location, called a data centre which is air conditioned, maintains a high amount of security and has a very fast connection to the internet.
Servers offer a varied amount of services, technologies and protocols for multiple online applications, such as the website itself, email access, mobile access, multiple databases and more.
To have a website online, you must have web hosting. Web hosting provides you with the space you will need to keep the files for your website online, as well as a secure static position where the site resides to.

Top things to look out for with web hosting?

Here’s a brief list of things to look out for when choosing your web hosting provider
·         Make sure they provide you with enough bandwidth, data transfer and disk space. If they are offering more than most, then find out why – its an obvious thing to suggest, but check the small print.
·         Double check that the features they are offering are right for you – Do they support PHP? cPanel? Email forwarders? Databases? and more.
·         What kind of guarantees do they offer? If they’re offering 99.9% guaranteed uptime, then you can be fairly confident that their servers really will be functional and online 99.9% of the time, otherwise you can ask for your money back and they won’t make their money!
·         Make sure you’re choosing the right hosting plan, whether its shared hosting, reseller hosting, a dedicated server or simply free hosting.
·         Finally, don’t be pressurized into getting something you don’t need. If they’re offering a bigger,
better server for more money ask yourself – do you really need this?

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What is Google page Rank
·         Google Page Rank, or simply Google PR, is the importance of any particular page ranked out of 10 by Google. In the general scheme of things, Page Rank is a very rough estimate of how important any page is to Google, but it can give you a good idea of good and bad websites and pages according to Google, and SEO.
·         A Page Rank of 2/10 or 3/10 is considered fairly normal, these rankings are quite easy to achieve and mean that you site is ranked by Google, is not being penalized and is being accounted for in their index.
·         Rankings of 5/10 and 6/10 are a little more difficult to achieve. If you’re site gets as high as a 6, then you’re well on your way of SEO terms and it would be wise to think wise before linking to a lower-ranked website, as not to water-down your own!
·         Rankings of 7, 8, 9 and, ultimately, 10/10 are near impossible to achieve. It can be heart-breaking not achieving those kind of rankings, but ultimately its an estimate of importance, but also considering when you’re talking about ranking 9/10 or 10/10, you are competing with the likes of Google themselves, Microsoft, The BBC and NASA!Â

What is disk space?
·         Disk space is the amount of physical space you are allocated when choosing a new web host. Disk space is exactly the same as the space you have available on your home computer – it is measured in the same units (GB & MB) and means the same thing.
·         Websites themselves often don’t take up much space, but this depends on what the website offers. When choosing a new web host, you will have to take the amount of disk space they offer into consideration and make sure it is enough for your needs.
·         Bare in mind that the disk space web hosting companies offer often also include the amount of space you are allowed on your email accounts. If you’re planning on having a lot of email accounts set-up for a lot of different people, then this may begin to take up a lot of space depending on the email services that you decide to use.
·         What is a web server?
·         A web server is a number of large computers, known as servers, housed in an air-conditioned server house known as a data centre where they are connected to a highly efficient, fault-tolerance high-speed internet connection.
·         Web servers are able to handle hundreds of thousands of requests a second and can return back this information quickly, providing the visitor of a website with the information they were looking for in no time at all.
·         It is big business to keep servers online – this is called uptime and it is the measurement of how long as server is online and functional for during the period of a month, or year. A lot of hosting companies boast their servers have 99.9% uptime, which means 99.9% of the time (per month) their servers are online and functional, meaning all websites hosted on their servers will be working.
·         There are many different types of web server available, such as dedicated servers, load balancing servers, database servers and many more. If you’re just starting out on the web and need the basic type of web server, look out for fully managed shared hosting, which means the hosting company maintains the server you’re on, along with the other people that share it. Its often the cheapest solution if you’re a beginner.

Can I have email address with my web hosting provider?

As said in a number of our other articles, almost all web hosting companies provide with at least a few email addresses which can be setup. This means that, for example, you owned the domain, then you could have the email address making your online presence much more professional.
If you like the sound of this concept, then it is important to think about how many email accounts you will need and want to have setup.
As well as email accounts, you can also setup an email forwarder which will forward emails sent from one address to another. Email forwarding is probably best explained with an example, so again, you own the domain and you have an account setup called, just as before. A forwarder with the address will mean that any emails sent to will now be forwarded onto john’s inbox, whereas the address does not have an inbox as such.

Why should I have a website?

Websites and the Internet are a great thing – over the past 10 years they have revolutionized the way the world works, and they are often a big part of daily life for a lot of people.
Websites can offer a multitude of things, from a simple blog to tell the world about yourself, to giant organizations and companies in order to get global recognition online. You will find that starting up your own business can be a lot easier if its just online-based, rather than having a shop-front simply because the costs involved in owning an online shop is a lot less than owning one on the high-street.
Websites are the future – the number of them are ever growing, what they can offer is always expanding, and they costs involved in owning a website are almost always dropping!

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