Friday, 26 November 2010

Klipsch iGroove HG iPod Speaker System Black - Product Review

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I'd been happy playing my MP3 player through my home separates but unsightly trailing cables made me think I should invest in a quality speaker dock to give my iRiver a better home. I did my research in the usual department stores to see what was on offer. Everyone raves about Bose and although it's designed for the iPod I thought I'd check this out as a benchmark, to be honest I found the sound quality didn't warrant the £250 price tag. I also checked out the Monitor Audio iDeck which was excellent, though I found it a little too bassy. Which brings me on the iGroove, I find it hard not to wax lyrical about it. The design is gorgeous, a gloss black curved design which will add style to any room, but this isn't style over substance. I find it hard to believe that such a well-balanced room filling sound can come from such a compact bit of kit. I'm jealous of the functionality the remote brings to the iPod as once plugged into the dock it will charge your iPod and enable you to skip tracks. If like me you have another brand of mp3 then you have a cradle to plug in and a headphone plug to put in your player, it might sound a little indiscreet but it works and looks fine with my H10. My one regret? I wish I'd checked Amazon as I ended up paying over £200 on the high street. 

Update Nov 2007 - My iGroove is still going strong, not found anything that compares in sound quality and I can be smug everytime I see people floating around the £200+ Bose in John Lewis. Price has gone down over 50% since last year, it was a great buy then, now it's just a steal! 

Update Mar 2010 - Still going strong and sounding as good as ever! The other half has just got a 5th Gen Nano so going to try and get the latest adaptor for it.

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