Friday, 26 November 2010

Sony BDPS370 Blu-ray Player - Product Review

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Just got this today for a relatives birthday present. Extremely fast and slick but was at first disappointed that the BBC iplayer wasnt available this afternoon when i looked for it. Just got an update this evening (31/3/2010) and now BBC iplayer works perfectly, and yes, BBC HD works like a dream on iplayer. Had no problem streaming Lovefilm movies to my TV although I consider myself lucky as our Sky broadband is around 13 meg speed in real terms. Another thing is that it looks like Lovefilm will go HD with their service on this player as you can watch HD trailers of the latest films streamed from the net. Youtube HD videos also work here unlike the LG370 we have which just streams SD at the minute. Hope this helps you makin up your mind about this player. We bought it for the online and catchup tv facility. One last thing is the HD streaming to the player looks the same quality as blu ray discs although our TV is 720p only. Lovefilm SD movies are the same quality as ordinary DVDs (or near DVD at least)

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