Friday, 26 November 2010

Samsung HT-C5500 Blu-Ray 5.1 ch Home Theatre System - Wireless Rear Speaker Ready - Product Review

I'm sorry but whatever anyone says no matter how packed full of functions, high quality or future proof this type of product is, it is not worth its salt if it lacks on the style front! You want your mates to come in and say "Wow"..and Samsung have not disappointed with this blu ray home cinema system. It is an gorgeously designed piece of kit and looks fantastic connected up. 

It was easy to set up, well packaged and the majority of my time was spent hiding cables around the room. The system itself does everything it sells itself to be. Connected it up to Sky HD box and X-Box 360 with an optical splitter and it excels in sound quality. And it looks beautiful! 

The last Samsung surround I purchased was quite disappointing as there was a severe lack of audio options but there are many adjustments that can be made here (the option that stabilises the sound is great if like me you live in a flat and dont want an asbo - you can enjoy at fairly low volumes without upsetting your neighbours!) 

Just a couple of VERY minor points: 

1) The subwoofer is a wee bit hard to tame but I saw a hint to put some socks or something in the back section to take some of the impact out of it.. 

2) The i-pod dock is an excellent feature is nice but it doesnt import album artwork across which is a bit lazy considering the quality 

3) Not much internet TV is about it...until BBCi-player etc comes to town it is hardly worth the hassle (dont be rushing out to buy wireless dongles!). 

But they are all just very very minor quibbles. The Samsung Blu Ray Surround Sound comes highly recommended... Click here to check it out.

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