Tuesday, 30 November 2010

How To Sell your Home

Despite improvements, the housing market is still unpredictable, so make sure you do everything you can to maximise your chances of selling.
Be realistic about the price. If it’s not competitive, your house simply won’t sell. If you want to sell quickly research the price of similar houses in your area and price your house below. You can do the by visiting www.zoopla.co.uk.  Get the word that your house is for sale in as many places as possible. Talk to your friends so that the news travels by word of mouth and advertise your property on reputable websites and in local publications.
Make sure your house looks at its best. Give special attention to the following:
Give shabby walls a fresh coat of paint in a neutral shade,
Get your carpets cleaned or polish wooden floors,
Wipe down all countertops and put away as many of your belongings as you can. Clutter puts people off, they can’t see past it.
 It sounds obvious, but tidy your kitchen, wash up dishes and put them away. Don’t cook anything that’s going to leave a lingering smell, add scented candles or fresh flowers, or a warm handful of coffee beans in your oven for 10 minutes before viewers arrive.
Play up your house strongest points. If you have a stunning range cooker get it professionally cleaned so it literally gleams – sure to attract any keen cooks.
Ask friends or family to look after pets (if you have any) – not everyone loves animals so they can be real turn off.
The outside is also important, so make sure your house has kerb appeal.
Look at it critically from across the street to make sure nothing looks scruffy.
Sweep up leaves and clear away any rubbish (garbage).
Invest in pot plants to brighten up the area with some natural colour.
Clean windows and windowsills. Give your front door a wash and polish the door furniture.
When potential buyers arrive, make them feel welcome.
Offer them a drink and to answer any of their questions.
Leave them to walk around on their own. People often get intimidated with the owner standing right there. You need them to feel this is the home for them, right from the first visit.
Put together an information pack about the positives of your area, such as schools, transport and roads, tube/train stations, shops, sporting facilities, parks, etc. Sell the are to them as well as your home.
I appreciate comments, so let me hear from you.
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