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SITE BUILT IT! (SBI) Product Review my search for Information on How To Make Money Online, I found Site Built It, ann all inclusive Site Building, site hosting, a complete ebusiness in just few clicks.s. Complete marketing tools. Below is my review of the product/services. Highly recommended if you’re if you really want to make money online

Site Build It Review
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November 2010
Site Build It is a special hosting package that has a lot of unique features. Site Build It was owned by and it is the core product of Site Build It well suits small online business and offline local business.
Purchasing Price:
[It WAS $495/year. The price dropped since Jan 2005 since the renew rate (percentage of people who continue to use SBI) for Site Build It is sky-high. The cost of renewal is usually the same as the purchase price. Check it here

SBI is doing a Spring buy one SBI get the 2nd SBI at $100 Special Offer. Check it at

Free Trial Available?
Offer Affiliate Program?
Yes. See
   *  FREE to join;
   *  Has the reputation of the world's #1 affiliate program.
Full Money Back Guarantee within 30 days. After that, refund in a pro-rated basis.

Site Build It Major Features:
Site Build It Website Building Features:
  • Domain Name Registration (included);
  • Website Hosting (included, unlimited storage space, unlimited data transfer);
  • Point-and-Click Site-Building (included);
Sit Build It Marketing Tools Features:
  • Keyword Research (included);
  • Electronic Newsletter Publishing (included);
  • Traffic Statistics and Click Analysis (included);

    Note: When you are visiting SiteBuildIt websites, you will find some occasional pop-up windows. This is one of their ways to emphasize some important points. They are NOT advertisements. So please read the pop-ups. Usually the pop-up windows contain important information.
Site Build It Traffic Building Features:
  • Automatically Submit Your Web Pages to Major Search Engines (included);
  • Search Engines Optimization (included, so that your web pages rank high in search engines);
  • Search Engines Ranking Reports (included);
  • Pay-Per-Click Research and Mass Bidding (included);
For a complete list of Site Build It features, as well as the side by side comparison of the features with other major small business hosting services, vis This comparison chart is very nice and you probably will find out whether Site Build It is for you after you looking at the features comparison.
Before we review more on Site Build It, let's deviate our topic a little bit and read about the stem story that caused the birth of Site Build It. We will Return to Site Build It reviewafter the story.

The key technologies of Site Build It stemmed from Ken Evoy's early adventure in marketing his own software tool PennyGold back in 1997 (Ken Evoy is the founder and President of PennyGold is a software tool specialized for penny stocks investment. PennyGold is no longer being sold on market today since Ken promised only to sell 1000 copies). Click here to read about Ken Evoy's background and PennyGold (open a new window. So that you can come back to continue this page after you read about PennyGold.).
With the outstanding success of PennyGold, Ken Evoy put together what he has learned and packed them into an ebook, "Make Your Site Sell (MYSS)". This ebook described basically all the key techniques and key components to the success of online business, such as "create products that over-deliver the promise", "targeted traffic is the blood for your business", "make search engines love your site". The ebook was sold at the price of US$29.95 (but now it is FREE).
The ebook MYSS (1,500 pages) is actually much under-priced. The reason that MYSS is selling at so low a price is that they use MYSS to pre-sell their core product - "Site Build It". Site Build It fully integrates all major key techniques described in MYSS into one single package.
If you have some web-building experience already, I recommend that you check out MYSS first before you go for Site Build It. MYSS main page:
Site Build It Review :
So, that's all about the background story of Site Build It and MYSS. Now let's continue our Site Build It review. We will review the key features and components that come in the package.
Site Build It Website Building Features:
Site Build It has built-in webpage templates for your site. So you can build a website, without knowing HTML and program. All you have to do is to create content - something that you probably know about.
 For example, if you are planning to open an online store for clothes and shoes, I guess you might know quite a lot about the clothes and shoes that you want to sell, and those things will be your content.
Site Build It takes care of the programming part for you. It provides the entire interface for you to input your content so that you don't need to know about those coding stuffs.
Site Build It has built in graphics tools as well, so that you can modify to make your site look customized. And when you change the graphics (on your logo or master template) ALL the pages are changed. This is a big time-saver.
Site Build It Marketing Tool Features:
Site Build It has a Keyword Research Tool that helps you the profitable keywords in your niche. This tool is very helpful, no matter you are a novice website designer or experienced webmaster.
You can do the keyword research manually, it usually will take days of work. Using Site Build It, same or better results can be achieved within minutes (better in the same that Site Build It also tells you the profitability potentials of each keyword).
The Keyword Research Tool might cost well above $200 alone by itself.
Sit Build It package includes an electronic newsletter publishing system, so that your visitors can join your mailing list. You can e-mail your visitors/clients regularly and stay in touch.
Paying for a newsletter publishing system alone could cost you about $300 per year if you buy it somewhere else as a stand-alone tool.
The autoresponder system is also included such that if someone commit a purchase on your site, she/he will get an automatic response.
Site Build It Traffic Building Features:
After you set up your site, Site Build It will submit your site to major search engines, including Google and Yahoo, among others.
It will also report to you the rankings of your webpages. If your ranking is not high (not among the top 10 pages returned by, for example, Google), Site Build It will analyze your webpage and tell you how to improve it.
Using the search engine optimization feature offered by Site Build It, an almost computer illiterate, Karen Copeland (, achieves #1 rankings in Google for 75 of his pages, besides others in top 10.
Well, these are features I think that are important. They are also unique since usually hosting package won't have them.
Considering that a regular hosting package without these features will cost you above $200, and taking into account the fact that Site Build It also has unlimited storage and bandwidth, you can't lose by choosing them. In fact, you are making a smart decision if you buy Site Build It now at the price of US$299.
A final note, Site Build It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. After the 30-day money back period, they will refund on a pro-rated basis.
In summary, I highly recommend Site Build It!
Is this Site Build It Review helpful? Please let me know.
SBI is doing a Spring buy one SBI get the 2nd SBI at $100 Special
Site Build It Website:

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