Friday, 26 November 2010

TomTom Start UK & RoI Satellite Navigation System - Black -Product Review

I am a first time user and wanted a simple to use but reliable unit and decided to go for this one. Brought it from my local store, opened it and used it to take me to unknown address 20 miles away. Was so easy to use without looking at any instructions and was so acurate. Very quick to re-direct when you take a turning too early (as I did when 2 junctions were very close together)and soon got me back on track within a couple of seconds. I don't mind motorway driving so other comments have not put me off along with the fact you can ask for alternitive routes. Liked the fact I can download updated info and buy a homer voice if I ever desired! Love the fact you are not stuck with one voice and think Irish Sean is very calming to take instruction from lol. 
I did buy a cheaper brand a few days before but had no web back up and couldn't even direct me properly from my moms which is 2 miles away along with the fact that every bend in the road I was told to turn left etc. Somethings you buy you are just better going for a decent brand and having a reliable product then saving £20 and ending up spending that plus more on petrol and patience. Very happy with my first decent sat nav and will only buy Tomtom in the future!Click here to check it out

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