Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sogatel - Skype compatible 1.3 megapixel sphere - Webcam with Mic - Windows 7 XP Vista and MAC - Product Review

After having had much more sophisticated and expensive Logitec and Philips webcams on previous PCs, I needed a new webcam to go with Vista. That limited my choice immediately and it was down to this one and one other - this one won on price initially and the fact that I only need it to use with MSN Messenger. This is perfect for that - it is easy to set-up, very clear picture and the sound is okay (not brilliant quality but it wasn't with the more expensive cameras). The only slight hiccup is that the cable it quite short and so it's not quite where I want to position the camera. But picture quality is great for chatting and some of the fun effects you can use on your picture make for good entertainment for children. I had a problem with getting sound but this is to do vista not the webcam - you need to start an audio call first and then start the camera, not start a video call. Would definately (and have) recommend this for a lower priced chatting webcam.Click here to check it out.

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