Friday, 26 November 2010

Samsung UE40C6510 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz Slim AllShare LED Internet TV with Freeview HD - Product Review

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We recently upgraded our previous LCD (32" 2nd Gen Samsung) to this beautiful television after reading seemingly hundreds of reviews on the internet and in magazines. 

Looking at the huge selection of televisions currently out: LCD / LED / Plasma / 3D etc. I was so confused about what to get and the more I researched the more confused I got. Eventually I picked a few I liked off the Amazon website and browsed all the big retail stores to look at my favoured ones in the flesh. 

Finally I set my sights on this beauty, and man am I impressed! 

From the moment you get this out of the box the beauty hits you - it really is gorgeously designed. The white around the edges is like a crystal wood-like effect and is gorgeous, so different to anything I've seen before. 

Then switching on - the quality of the picture is truly oustanding. Be warned, however, that with any bigger TV, if like us you have a very poor reception area, the inadequacies of your signal are highlighted ever more. In general though the colours are vibrant, the whites are purest white, the blacks are the deepest I've seen, the definition and clarity is awesome as is the contrast. 

You will need to fiddle around with the settings to find what's right for you, but there are so many combinations of things you can do to the colour, contrast, backlight etc. that you'll have no problem finding the perfect picture. 

I was so chuffed with the picture I convinced the wife to invest in a blu ray set (as it would be a sin with this TV not to), and last night we popped in AVATAR. In all honesty I've never seen anything like this through a TV set. You have to see it to believe it. My wife, who is usually the first to pick holes in the picture, even she said that there were numerous moments in the movie that looked BETTER than when in 3D in the cinema. 

I've also had the xbox 360 on this, and this is also visually gorgeous. Although I will say that on one game at least - Red Dead Redemption - you need to turn off the MotionPlus otherwise the game stutters. I'm sure I'll be playing most of my games again now, just to see how they look. Forza3 is a sight to behold. 

The Anynet is also brilliant. We have a Samsung Home Cinema, the Samsung TV, and a Samsung Blu Ray player. All work together flawlessy - the TV picked them all up automatically and we can use all of them off one remote. It even turns off it's own sound to play sound through the home cinema! 

Sound-wise, this model is streaks ahead of our old television. I'd looked at the specs and thought the sound would be puny, but we were suprised to find that the sound is really punchy - especially considering the thinness of the set. So even though we have a home cinema we hardly need to use it. 

I'd read alot of reviews about the Samsung 6 LED series talking about backlighting issues - and this was my biggest concern when purchasing the set. Well - as far as my set is concerned, I'm really pleased to report I have absolutely no backlight issues whatsoever - no clouding / searchlight issues or anything. When you're watching something in the darkest of rooms, only then can you see the faintest (I mean REALLY faint i.e. 99.9% unnoticable) of light in the corners - but in no way does this detract from anything. 

Also a quick mention for Amazon. Not only were they the cheapest place to buy this TV from, but through Amazon Prime I got free next day delivery; and actually received my TV the next day at 8.30am in the morning - talk about speedy. 

So - as you can tell, one very very very pleased customer here. If you're struggling to find the right TV amongst the hundreds available then please take some of my advice - buy this one. The Samsung UE40C6510 is stylish, gorgeous to look at, has an incredible picture, great sound, good connectivity - the mutt's nuts. You will not be disappointed.

Reminder: Do you shopping early. Amazon's CHRISTMAS SALE  is now on. Click on the image to check it out.

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