Friday, 26 November 2010

Sony BDP-S570B Blu-ray Disc Player with Built-in 3D Technology - Product Review

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Did quite a bit of research before buying a Blu-ray player - wanted something that did more than play B/ray - Internet video (esp iPlayer) & media streamer were two features high on the list. Whittled it down to the Sony or LG range, but went for this in the end & glad I did. Things that sold it were:- 
1. Built-in WIFI... some models (including Sony) had option of WiFi dongles... but they're expensive & take a slot 
2. DLNA functionality for home network media streaming 
3. 3D for the day when I can afford a 3D TV! 
4. Seems to have UK-specific functionaltiy like ITV/BBC players... something LG lacked 
5. Price... all this a a (on Amazon at least) price that beat polayers with similar functionality 

I was expecting a lot & its did pretty well meet my epxectations! Connected easily to home network wirelessly (no problems with signal so far), updated its firmware, picked up my NAS storage drive automatically (& videos/pics), plays a good selection of Web videos, connects to my laptop (once Media player setup), and even plays DVDs/BRs with no problems so far. Looks good & does the job very well! 

I'm 'only' giving 4 stars because 5 stars to me means it has to be perfect, and this isn't quite pefect (what is!). Couple of minor niggles to me are:- 
a. Remote feels a bit cheap 
b. Some video formats (files on the networked drives) aren't recognised... doesn't like MKVs, and also certain AVIs (can't pinpoint what sort yet). 
c. My PCs can view device on network... but haven't found a way of playing discs on the PCs yet (picky I know). 
Overall... really impressed!
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