Friday, 26 November 2010

Shop Online and Save a Fortune

Shopping online is now a phenomenon. Why? Because you can not only purchase a variety of goods, from the comfort of your own home but you can also save yourself loads of money.
Here’s the novice guide to savings loads of money on internet shopping.
Where to start
You can buy almost anything on the net nowadays  from clothes to furniture, electronics and gadgets to tools, from all around the world. Where do I start looking? You can just type the products or goods you want in the browser and press Enter and you will be presented with loads of websites selling the products you want. Example, if you looking for Samsung LED TV, then just type Samsung LED TV on the same area where you type the URL, that is, the web address if you know the address (URL). By the way, URL means...Uniform Resource Locator, which means Web Address.  Have a look, click on one and you will directed to that specific website as stated in yhat one you ‘click’. Have a look, take note on the details of the product and its price. Do the same thing to the other website presented to you in your search. You can do this by clicking ‘back’ located at the upper left hand corner of the screen. Do this to few of the other websites for price comparison. Of course, we’re looking for bargain, hence, the comparison.  When doing you’re  searching like this, chances are you are using  Google or Yahoo. The good thing about Yahoo is that you can limit your search for sites to those that are based in the UK
Bargain Sites
Obviously it depends on what you are looking for and where you search leads you to a bargain. The most popular Amazon ( is a good place to start with, and of course, eBay, where you can buy almost anything on either of the two. is very good place to book your last minute holidays .

Hidden Extras
Once you’ve found your bargain and happy with it, look out for any hidden charges that can add to the cost of the product. Examples of these extras are: postage and packaging, shipping charges, VAT, etc. These extra charges should be clearly shown somewhere on the site, so always check what the final coast of the product will be. The main thing to remember is to always look out for additional charges, because they could determine whether you’re getting a bargain or not.
Safe Shopping
If you’re happy with the price and you want to buy, check if the site offers a Secure Socket Layer. This means no one except the retailer can decode your details. One way of knowing the site is secure is by checking if there is a padlock – usually at the bottom right of your screen, or if the beginning of the web address starts https:// instead of just http://. The ‘s’ indicates the site is secure. Secure sites are generally reputable and it’s best to stick to reputable sites. If unsure do some research before giving your details.  It’s also good idea to get the business address and if possible, the phone number of the company before ordering. The best bet is, use a Pre-paid credit card, which is now becoming popular, especially those who are going on holidays to limit their expenses up to the amount loaded on their card. Pre-paid credit card works like Pay-as-you-Go mobile phone. You just have to top up when your money in it is used up.
You’ve Ordered
If you have ordered from a UK based site you can expect exactly the same rights as if you shop anywhere else- the goods have to be fit for the purpose you’ve bought them. If they send you an unsatisfactory item take the following steps to sort the problem. Most of the time you can just send it back and get a replacement. But check you terms and conditions (which you should have done before ordering) and contact the retailer to explain the situation. If they are no help, try writing a letter to them, keep a copy and take note of all the phone calls made. Then if you need to take the problem further seek professional advice. Try Trading Standards at or contact your credit card company.
However, you don’t have the same protection over goods from abroad. So, you need to do your research thoroughly beforehand, as it’s more difficult to sort out problems. If an item turn up broken or is the wrong item, again do try to sort it out with the retailer first. For European based site you can get advice from the Euroguichets (  Also EC website at Don’t forget to contact you credit card company as well, and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.
Hopefully though, if you do your research beforehand this shouldn’t happen. Make sure understand all the terms and conditions before parting with your money and if you are unsure about a site, don’t purchase from it.
That’s all you need to know, so get online shopping and start shopping for those bargains today. You’ll never need to go down the high street again.
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