Friday, 26 November 2010

Acer Aspire 5741, 15.6" LED LCD Notebook, 3GB, 320GB, Intel Core i3 processor 330M , Windows 7 Home Premium - Product Review

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First of all, I have not had the problem of the fan buzzing as the other reviewer said, must have been a faulty laptop. 
For the few weeks I've been using this laptop I have been extremely impressed by its performance. The laptop itself is normal sized, the screen is sharp and top quality while the keyboard is low and a pleasure to use. It is actually out-performing my computer in terms of applications and casual browsing, however those looking to running games don't expect too much as the integrated graphics are pretty poor, so you may want to check out some of Acer's other laptops which have dedicated graphics if you are looking to play games. As it includes the new i3 processor and DDR3 memory running most applications are extremely fast so this laptop would be ideal for the casual browser or student. The 320gb hard drive should be enough for most and the DVD drive works well both reading and burning disks. The webcam faces the user's face which is useful for video chatting and it is pretty good quality for a integrated webcam. The speakers are punchy for a laptop however once you get to high volumes you get a buzzing sound from the bass so if you intend on listening to music out loud I recommend getting a decent pair of speakers. The battery life is average for a laptop but if you're casually browsing you can get slightly more than the 4 hour quoted by Acer but expect 2-4 hours when running programs such as photoshop or any game. Booting up the laptop is faster than I expected, taking around 25 seconds to get to the log on screen. 

- Clear, top quality screen. 
- Powerful processor and memory which are both future proof. 
- Webcam is good for a laptop. 
- DVD drive and hard drive are both top quality. 
- Runs most applications smoothly and quietly. 
- Boot up time is fast 

- Not good for gaming. 
- Speakers buzz when sound is turned up high. 
- Battery life is nothing special. 

Conclusion: There are a few minor flaws with this laptop which are heavily outweighed by the great performance offered, if you're looking for a laptop which will do pretty much everything (apart from gaming) then this is perfect for you.

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